About Luke Waters

Luke has extensive experience in the health and wellness industry and has been involved in yoga practice, exercise physiology and sports performance since 1990. Luke specialises in rehabilitation, correctional exercise and sports performance using the yogic model as his theoretical foundation. He is passionate about approaching wellbeing in a holistic manner; incorporating practice for the body, breath and mind. Luke founded his performance coaching business in 2004 and travels extensively throughout the world with his clients to help them realise their highest potential. His next step is to bring his movement analysis and integrated programs to an online platform in order to allow others to enjoy the individualised practices that have helped his clients live life to their highest potential.

What is Luke Waters Performance Coaching?

It is a coaching system based on yoga methodology that incorporates the latest science in exercise physiology. The program is designed to move you towards optimum wellbeing and help you to live at your highest potential. You will learn to: 

  • Balance the body
  • Strengthen and purify the energy systems
  • Stabilise and discipline the mind

From this place you learn to connect to your purpose and live an abundant life that will benefit yourself and others. Wellbeing is inherent and by practicing it regularly, as a priority, it will progressively become your ordinary state of being…Contact Luke


Luke Waters